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Frequently Asked Questions

Will fibreglass last longer than felt?

The short answer is yes.

Can fibreglass be applied over the top of old felt?

Absolutely not. A flat, dry and solid surface, normally wood, typically 18mm thick is required for flat roofs.

Can fibreglass be applied over concrete?

Yes, but the concrete must be very well cured (dry) and preferably have a reasonably fine finish.

Can fibreglass fill imperfections in my roof surface?

Not really... Large deviations in the form of the surface will simply be covered at the same depth as the rest of roof. If you want a nice flat and puddle-free roof, the base on which the glass is applied must be flat and fit for purpose.

Will sitting water damage the fibreglass?

No, fibreglass is water-proof, not just water resistant. It is used routinely in marine environments making it ideal for keeping water out

Does it smell?

Yes. Whilst being applied, the smell is quite strong but within a day or so the smell will have disappeared. The smell is a bi-product of the curing process, so once dry, fibreglass is odorless.

Do you need dry weather to apply the roof?

Yes. The roof itself must be completely dry and fibreglass cannot be applied in rain. However, once applied, on an average (Dry Smiley) Summers' day the resin will be dry and resistant to rain within an hour.

What geographical areas do you cover?

We are based in Devon but have worked as far afield as America. We are happy to travel anywhere. Give us a call if you are very far away and we will be able to advise you on the practicality of travelling to your project.

Can I walk on any fibreglass roof?

Yes you can. Within a day of the surface being applied. Although roofs without an anti-slip coating are extremely slippery when wet.

If you expect very high foot traffic over the surfaced area - a double layer application will be more suitable.

Can you glass over pitched roofs?

Only to a point. An incline greater than 15° is likely to see the fibreglass and the operator fall off the roof! Over small areas it's perfectly possible to glass vertical faces, for example wet room walls.

What about damage and repairs

If you were to damage your fibreglass roof in some way, it is easily and effectively repaired.

How are the edges finished?

We use a pre-formed trim that is sealed beneath the fibreglass layer. There are various profiles for situations where you either do or don't want rain water to run off the edge:

Drip Fascia Raised Edge Fascia

An example balcony
An example walkway
An example fibreglass flat roof
An example balcony or walkway
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