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Why should you choose a fibreglass flat roof?

Fibreglass flat roofs are a mix of fibreglass matt and polyester ultra violet resistant resin that combine to form a tough and completely watertight attractive surface.

We guarantee our roofs for 30 years but they will typically last longer than this. Consider some other products constructed with fibreglass such as boat hulls and other marine equipment and the harsh environment that they withstand.

Fibreglass flat roofs can be walked on without fear of damaging the integrity of the surface which means that we also cover structures such as balconies and walkways. It is also flexible in application and able to conform to unusual shapes whilst maintaining a watertight seal; this is something that traditional felt flat roofs struggle with.

We offer a wide range of colours to compliment your property and surroundings, additionally, fibreglass can be finished with anti-slip coating.

We believe fibreglass offers the most robust solution for covering flat roofs. Read the FAQ, take a look at our pricing structure or get in touch for more information or to arrange a quote.

An example fibreglass flat roof
An example balcony or walkway

Why Choose Us?

Established 1984
We've been making fibreglass roofs and products for a long time!
Wealth of Experience
Not just roofs - we work with fibreglass in all kinds of industries
Professional & Efficient
Presentable, personable, punctual, efficient
30 year Guarantee
Your fibreglass roof will likely last longer though!

Fibreglass Roof Benefits

Easily Cleaned
Fibreglass is tough and waterproof so you can use your power hose to clean it
Resistant to UV Degradation
Unlike other flat roofing surfaces such as felt, fibreglass is resistant to the effects of ultra violet light waves
Withstands Heavy Loads
Unlike felt roofs, you don't have to worry about standing your ladder on the fibreglass flat roof when you perform maintenance around the house.
Conforms to Complex Shapes
Fibreglass can be applied to uneven or complex surfaces (within reason) which is more difficult with traditional flat roofing materials
30 Year Guarantee
We're so confident in the longevity of our fibreglass flat roofs that we offer them with a 30 year guarantee
Wide Choice of Colours
Fibreglass can be coloured with a wide range of pigments so that the finish fits with the look of your home
Seamless & Neat
Roofs are glassed over the edges using trim and onto other projections such as chimneys to provide a seamless, neat and water-tight seal
Cold Applied
Fibreglass is cold-applied meaning no one will be pointing a lit blow torch at your potentially combustible roof!
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